Timeless Simplicity

Bryan and Jill Michels saw the consumer demand for outdoor living areas and are now proud to offer our expertise in creating the backyard kitchen or outdoor wood burning fireplace to complete your outdoor living area.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Backyard kitchens can be as simple as a grill surround built with stone or brick and as intricate as a large area incorporating an outdoor wood burning fireplace and chimney with a gas grill insert and areas for a refrigerator, beverage tappers, and warming drawers for plates.

We have our own designs of outdoor kitchen plans or we can use any ideas that you may have and customize from there to fit your needs.

Outdoor Grilles and Fireplaces

Bryan Michels Masonry can build a masonry firebox and chimney and within the firebox we can create up to three levels which can accept grill grates to prepare foods that will cook at different rates. The most popular of our outdoor kitchen plans involves building a concrete block structure to support a gas or propane grill insert and veneering the exterior of the structure with stone or brick. These grill inserts are available in widths from 36” to 60” and are available in many different colors and finishes. This backyard kitchen design gives you a preparation area on one or both sides of the grill and does not take up a large amount of space in your yard. Countertop options are nearly unlimited and include flagstone, limestone, granite, marble and corian. The most cost effective and popular choice being limestone.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Some of our larger outdoor kitchen plans incorporate fire pits and outdoor wood burning fireplaces to add more ambiance to your outdoor living area. Some options are a thin brick or thin stone 48” round fire ring, a traditional 36” masonry firebox with an arched fireplace opening, or as intricate as a rumford firebox with a stone veneer exterior and chimney.

Bryan Michels Masonry can create the outdoor kitchen and outdoor wood burning fireplace that will be durable, functional, and the center piece of your outdoor living area.

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